The Chocó Andino: Biodiverse and Beautiful

Shrouded by clouds, and fortified by grand mountains, the Chocó Andino Biosphere Reserve is home to an astounding array of species. From vibrant songbirds to primeval reptiles, this reserve works to protect 286,805 hectares of land and the immense biodiversity found within its borders. The environment of the Chocó Andino is varied due to the unique habitats found throughout the reserve. With altitudes between 360 to 4,480 meters above sea level, both lowland and moist montane forests provide critical habitats for thousands of species.

Chupare Stingray

photo story – chupare stingray Photography: Ben Cammarata Writing: Yaalni Chandirasekar In Quintana Roo, Mexico, glides a stingray like no other. The Caribbean Stingray, also referred to as the Chupare Stingray, swims peacefully in the waters…. until the hulking giant made up of scraps of metal appears. Quickly, it dives near the rocks, settling itself …

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