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PADI Documentary BTS

By Noah Logan

Why PADI Aware?

The PADI documentary, an Outspoken Narrative production, highlights a nonprofit organization known as PADI Aware. In the documentary, the ON team collaborated with members of PADI Aware in order to publicize prevalent issues that have recently (and continue to) haunt our world’s oceans. 
But how exactly did the PADI documentary come to be? Why did we choose to broadcast this organization, and how does it coexist with the fundamentals of Outspoken Narrative? What do we hope for the documentary to achieve?

These are a few of the questions that will be answered in this behind the scenes story of the PADI documentary. 


In spring of 2022, Outspoken Narrative began its association with the PADI Aware Foundation. Thanks to their similar work culture and ideologies, the idea of a documentary was quickly set into motion by Eshan Vishwakarma (founder of Outspoken Narrative). Eshan appointed a team to cover the PADI organization in depth, as a way to identify and broadcast organizations that lead sustainable action. This team, with Jessie Lara as lead editor, would spend the next few months gathering pictures, research, footage, and interviewing PADI officials. Naturally, this was no easy task. Due to opposing locations, it was impossible to orchestrate in-person shooting, so in turn, the team found other ways to gather content. Methods ranged from using stock imagery to requesting on-site PADI representatives to send in footage from recent dives. This way of footage collection had its difficulties.

“When one is shooting a project, every single shot that was taken was recorded for a reason. A person who is shooting, generally knows what they want to shoot. For this documentary, I knew what shots I wanted but the problem was while looking for stock footage, not every piece of footage may have been exactly what you were looking for so you could only take what you can get,” stated Lara during an interview. 

Ocean Conservation

Thankfully, that setback didn’t deter the ON team, as they remained entirely committed to the project, due to its importance. When questioning the members of the ON team, there was a constant factor that was brought up with each member: the significance of the support that PADI Aware provides. As stated before, Outspoken Narrative and PADI Aware have similar ideals, with shared objectives of world conservation and sustainability. In many ways, those similarities and the admiration of PADI Aware’s action, encouraged the progression of the documentary. 

Taking Action

When asked: Which aspects of PADI Aware do you think are most important, a member of the ON production team responded with, “…saying the ocean needs to be clean is one thing but physically doing it is another, and this organization is actually making an effort by putting on their gear and making their way down the ocean waters and removing any debris they can find. Not just cleaning the ocean, the organization even helps the marine animals as well.” Additionally, it seems that their intrigue and drive for the project not only enhanced the documentary’s overall quality, but it also opened their eyes to issues that weren’t necessarily put into perspective beforehand. “It surprised me how much debris is in our oceans. In the documentary, a member from PADI mentioned that at least more than 2 million pieces of marine debris were reported,” said Lara whilst reviewing footage for the film.

Protecting Nature

Members of the ON production team, when questioned about the overarching purpose of the PADI documentary, had similar answers. A possible testament to ON’s hope for large-scale action; the ON team’s ideal result is for more people to become just a bit more educated and to take action to protect our oceans. 

“Outspoken Narrative discusses anything to deal with conservation issues. I am aware the ON team believes in protecting nature. When people think about nature, they may just think about trees, plants, wildlife, etc., but it’s more than that. The ocean is a part of nature too and if Outspoken Narrative is aligned with highlighting nature, then it should also be aligned in highlighting a project like the PADI AWARE Foundation. Something I hope this documentary achieves is people becoming aware about oceans, as well as keeping it clean because having a clean ocean doesn’t make us safer in the waters for marine animals too.” – Jessie Lara

Thank you!

The ON Journal would like to thank you for reading this article! Be sure to watch the PADI documentary if you haven’t already and stay on the lookout for more content that will be released later this month!