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Chupare Stingray

photo story – chupare stingray Photography: Ben Cammarata Writing: Yaalni Chandirasekar In Quintana Roo, Mexico, glides a stingray like no other. The Caribbean Stingray, also referred to as the Chupare Stingray, swims peacefully in the waters…. until the hulking giant made up of scraps of metal appears. Quickly, it dives near the rocks, settling itself […]

Marine Water Pollution

Every year, humans are responsible for 25 million tons of plastic in the ocean. Surprisingly, as of 2022, every square mile of our ocean contains over 45,000 individual pieces of plastic! Plastic is very harmful to the ocean environment and animals, killing over 100 million marine animals every year.

PADI Documentary BTS

The PADI documentary is a documentary created by the Outspoken Narrative production team, highlighting a nonprofit organization known as PADI Aware. In the documentary, the ON team collaborates with members and faculty of PADI Aware in order to publicize prevalent issues that have recently (and continue to) haunt our world’s oceans and spread awareness about ways that you can take action. But how exactly did the PADI documentary come to be?